About Me

Hi, perkies!

I’m Bianca and this is Perky Core.

Perky Core is about me. My likes and dislikes, and how I struggle every day to be a better version of myself.

And who am I?

I could say that I’m a Brazilian girl who lives in London, a bit freak about fitness, a master in cyber security and computer forensic, a traveller, a cinema lover, an avid reader, a wanna-be-marvellous cooker (and nutrition), one found of wines and good cook, one likes to dance and have fun, one who loves learning languages (one day I aim to reach six or seven, for now I am in four – and no, the programming languages don’t count). I’m a passionate person about what I’m fond of.

But there’s more in me than catches the eye. By my photos and stuff, you maybe will have the tendency to do not believe that at the most of the times I am a very shy person. Sometimes I stay in my comfort zone and I hate this, sometimes it takes me time to actually get out from there. Sometimes I have the urgency of being with myself and not doing anything. Sometimes (more than I would like to confess) I just don’t know how I’ve got to this point, and I don’t know exactly what I’m doing here. But I guess this is the beauty of life: to find yourself and learn about this and how to be the best version you can.

I’m not simple. But underneath the layers and layers of goods, bads and neutrals, there’s a kernel  that holds everything together. And this core it’s very, very… perky.

And I must balance all of this and still pay the bills.

Remember someone? You, perhaps?

If so, you are in the right place, at the right time.

Here I’ll share my photos, trainings, I will talk fitness and post some videos, I will give you tips to have fun in London (with good money, with little money or no money at all), talk about books, cinema, IT (I’m a bit geek, have I said that?), healthy, food (and easy and not expensive) recipes, where to buy beauty products or fashion items.

Here you can ask me about me or the things that I like. You can request some recipes, places to go, where to find something, how I’m trying to get in shape, some kind of advice and I’ll do my best to respond you. Really. If I can help you, I’ll feel better than I was before.

If you don’t mind, I’ll post about me, too. My life as it is (maybe I’ll use a pinch of salt).

And you can join me in this adventure: be a better version of myself.

So, Perky Core is a place for everyone who decided, like me, to be fit in the life. Not just in your body shape, but in all aspects of your life.

So, get in touch. Follow me in Instagram, facebook, youtube, twitter and all that stuff.

Together, we always can, a little step every day, every moment, became a better version of ourselves.

So, don’t forget: This is Bianca, and I’m Perky Core, and you can be too!

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