Pancake Day 2018

When is pancake day? Well, everyday is pancake day right? But apparently there is an official day for pancakes and it is today! Yay! So let’s celebrate it with a delicious and healthy recipe, using only 2 ingredients for the epic pancakes – which by … Continue readingPancake Day 2018

Nutri Bombz

Nutri Bombz Today I want to share a healthy gluten free snack, absolutely tasty, small packs to take anywhere and high nutrition values.  There are many flavours, difficult to pick only one as all of them are so good! I would say my favourite is … Continue readingNutri Bombz

Are you Nocco?

Nocco x Barebells Few words to describe: I love them! Easy to take with me anywhere, either when training in the gym or in the park, having Nocco before my workout made me feel great and gives that boost for the workout. It is great … Continue readingAre you Nocco?

Avocado whey pudding

This is an amazing dessert for those days when you are craving for sweets. It takes only few minutes to make it, it is healthy and delicious. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:1]