Botox for the first time

Having Botox for the first time… so how does it feel? Well, ageing is normal and when you get over 30s the lines start getting more noticeable. I am pleasant with the results and feels good to have smoother skin.

The Preparation

Before the preparation started, Dr Godarzi and I have a consultation where we discussed which areas we could focus and I had more lines. My forehead was the point I most have the lines, which is probably results from the heavies sessions at the gym – specially on the leg day (haha). Yes, when you lift heavy you tend to make faces and these develop lines over the years, together with ageing, and I definitely make faces when I lift those over 100kg squats, deadlifts and hip thrusts.

After the consultation, I lay down across the bed in the treatment room while Dr Godarzi prepared the solution. He inserts the solution into needles dosing the necessary amount according to my points, every patient will need different doses.

The Application

We started with the forehead area, I was asked to frown and raise my brows. As I do so he inserts the needle, which contains the botox, inserting across six points of my forehead and in the eye area.

How much does it hurt?

I was scared at first, I thought it would hurt a lot, but to be honest I found it totally tolerable and almost pain free, I just felt the needle but didn’t really felt pain, it felt like a pinch. The needle is teeny tiny and there was a little light bleeding only in certain points, which is normal. The process was quick and I felt actually relaxing after the first application because I was nervous but once I had the first one I saw it was very simple. I didn’t experienced pain, but it can vary from person to person, this depends on your threshold.

After the application I could see small dots on my forehead, which is normal and it disappears after couple hours. I didn’t have these marks on my eye zone, only at my forehead as it is a larger area and the skin is ticker compared to the eye area which is more sensitive and thinner.

What will I look like immediately after?

The areas where I had the injections was slightly swollen for couple of hours with small bumps in my forehead, in the eyes area I didn’t have it.

The Results

When do I see results?

The results are not instantly, normally it takes 2-3 days and 7 days to see full results, it is gradual. I saw results within 48 hours and more clear after a week.

What does it feel like afterwards?

I definitely could feel it. It felt a little weird, but it is hard to describe it. I would say a little bit less movement, but still having expressions, I didn’t want to “freeze” completely my face as it is very unnatural.

What are the recommendations afterwards?

Dr Godarzi recommended to not make heavy expressions for the first 48 hours in order to give time for the product to settle. Heavy sessions at the gym are not recommended, specially if you are like me and lift heavy haha so definitely recommend to have it done on your rest day or in a stretching or Yoga day, when you are taking easy in the exercises.

Here are my before photos:

 Before & After








How often do you need to get it done?

Dr. Godarzi suggested coming back after 4-5 months. It depends on each person and lifestyle. For me for example, I will need more often as I train heavy as I mentioned before and this makes more facial expressions. Botox can have a cumulative effect, so the longer you have it done for, the longer it can last, so you may have to have it done less frequently as time wears on.

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Have you ever had Botox? How was your experience

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