Gallito, exquisite Mediterranean cuisine in Barcelona

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Gallito is a restaurant where you will surely have an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G experience! Imagine you are in Barcelona, you fancy an exotic Mediterranean food with sea view… Gallito is perfect for this scenario! Great to start a beautiful and chill day at Barceloneta coast, you can also take the advantage of their sup board for an adventure and have a delicious bowl of acai in the breakfast, spend the day in the beach and have an appetiser while enjoying a local DJ from the city. My friend Pegah and I, visited Gallito couple weeks ago when we were in Barceloneta and we both felt in love for this place! Their exquisite food is based on Mediterranean and Latin cuisine and they offer the best flavour, delivering their passion with love.

  The Food

The Brazilian chef Gabriel, is a fantastic professional, he is very creative and delivers THE BEST food with the best menu ever! The food is prepared from fresh with quality ingredients, the main speciality is based on Mediterranean and Latin cuisine but there are also vegetarian and vegans options like Coconut soup with citronella and kaffir lime, humous with ecologic veggies and Guacamole with pico de Gallo. All dishes are homemade with a special touch that will make the difference. If you are a good food lover, you may not hesitate to visit Gallitos, we guarantee you will have a lovely experience as we did!

The starters

Great way to start before your main meal is trying the following:
 Hummus con verduritas ecologicas (Houmous with Ecologic Veggies)
Green salad with parmesan and avocado balls
Guacamole y pico de gallo (Guacamole with fresh salsa)
Fresh tuna with avocado mayonese chipotle
Coconut soup with citronella and Keffir lima.  (Green salad with parmesan and avocado balls)
Houmous with Ecologic Veggies
Green salad with parmesan and avocado balls
Guacamole with fresh salsa
Fresh tuna with avocado mayonese chipotle
Fresh tuna with avocado mayonese chipotle

Pegah and I were fascinated for the houmous (haha)! We both looked at it and we were talking straight after about how cute was it and it tasted sooooo good! The green salad and the guacamole were also nice but I loved the Fresh tuna with avocado mayonese chipotle!

The mains

While we were enjoying our Passion fruit Martini with the sea in the background, we were having the best main course! Pegah loved the Prawns and squids paella and I loved the Purple quinoa Octopus salad and veggies crudités. Both of them were mouth-watering and tasted absolutely delicious.

Prawns and squids paella
Purple quinoa Octopus salad and veggies cruditéss
Prawns and squids paella
Purple quinoa Octopus salad and veggies crudités
The table

The restaurant

Gallito has a chill and relax environment in an open space under grape leaves and facing the sea. You will be very welcome from the team, the people who work in there are very attentive and want to make sure you are served well and have a great time. It is perfect for early mornings, afternoons and evenings to have a great time and delicious meal with your family and friends.


Telephone number: +34 933 123 585 
Address: Passeig Mare Nostrum, 19-21 – Local C1 Barcelona 08039

Opening Hours
Monday to Thursday from 12pm to 4pm and from 8pm to 11.30pm
Friday and Saturday from 12pm to 12am
Sunday from 12pm to 11.30pm
Breakfast from Wednesday to Sunday from 10am to 12pm





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