Handstand challenge session 23

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Session 23

Today’s session was focused on strength and conditioning, working on the weaker muscles to make stronger so I will be able to have a great synergy of movement between the upper, lower body and core. Great session designed by my coach Luigi, I felt a challenging workout, which will bring me great results.

We started the session with mobility drills, focusing on opening my shoulders to prep me for the workout. Blackburn rotator cuff series are great for shoulders, it strengths the small muscles and  develop the trapezius, deltoids and scapula.

I felt the workout was very intense today! There was a 2 round triset to build up strength, it was a 5 reps chin-ups followed by 6 reps in box dips and 8 reps of ab roll outs, that was sooo tough! After that, there was other series: ring support hold and skin the cat; it was the first time I was performing the ring support, I felt it difficult and I couldn’t hold for long – ended up holding for 10 seconds (3 rounds). The skin the cat was great core exercise, I did few rounds, as much as I could, with an average of 5 reps each round with explosive motion.

Finishing up the session with a triset to burn the core! 25 reps for each exercise, starting with 1/2 legs lever, elbow plank side and last one hanging knee raise hold. Great session, felt it was tough and very effective! Thanks for my coach Luigi for pushing me hard in the exercises and for putting new challenges for me in each session, I love this!

Full training

Mobility drills

“Shoulder series”
Elevation depression/ shrug and pull
Protraction to retraction/ rotate axis
Hanging scapular shrug/ overhead backpress
Wide bottom extension/ shoulder dislocates
Shoulder rehab (Prone extension to i) (1kb DB)


A1) Chin-ups x 5 reps
A2) Box dips x 6 reps
A3) Ab roll outs x 8 reps

B1) Ring support hold max time
B2) Skin the cat x 2 + 1 (emom)

C1) 1/2 legs lever x 25
C2) Elbow plank side x 25
C3) Hanging knee raise x hold x 25

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