Handstand challenge session 26

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Session 26

Today’s session was focused on learning the principles of muscle up and its stages, especially in the techniques which is something new for me and what I need to improve. I had so much fun during the session, Luigi taught me the first techniques for the muscle up and false grip, which is very important when you work with rings.

We started the session with the preparation phase for Russian push-ups, working the chest, shoulders, triceps and core. Basically, you hold each position for a certain time and by forcing you to hold a position, it activates more muscle in your chest and shoulders than a standard pushup does. It also helps to develop strength for muscle up and Russian dips – start this exercise on your knees, then move on to a full push-up, as it is shown in the pictures below.

The second part of the training, Luigi had me to do Russian dips eccentrics. The Russian dip is a variation of the dipping family, but slightly harder than regular dips, as you are working your triceps and chest. To perform this exercise: start on the normal dip position, then go through the motion by leaning back into the elbow (this works your core and back), then pulling yourself from the leaning back position using your whole body, getting back to the starting position.

The third part of the session was the muscle up preparation phase. Luigi focused on showing me the technique of false grip, he explained me the false grip is one of the most important parts of the muscle up; he told me if it is not solid, you are going to have a really hard time with your transition to the top. We worked on the negative muscle up, which is putting the full movement together but in reverse. Luigi told me it is important to take our time with this one and try to get that feeling of where the weight needs to be at each stage of the movement, being as agile as possible. Also, if you are just dropping down in the transition part, then go back to the baby muscle up until you get more strength; only when you can do this movement with really good control, you are well on your way to your first muscle up. I practised muscle-ups a few times with Luigi’s help, by using the resistance band to have the feeling of the real full range of motion, it was a great session!

Full training

Mobility drills

Wrists stretching
Wrist preparation
Russian push-ups
Russian dips
False grip technique
Muscle-up practice

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