Handstand challenge session 27

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Session 27

This session was the hardest session ever, I really enjoyed though, because it was very challenging. Today’s session was focused on strength, we had a similar workout from the previous sessions with a combination of chin-ups and chin-ups hold, but today for the first time I’ve added weight on the holding chin-ups! We also worked on mobility drills, core exercises and rings practice.

We started the session with Mobility drills, starting with Cat+Camel, followed by Bridge, both are great to start a strength session, as it will prep the right muscles as well as open my shoulders and warm my back.

Camel position, from the Cat+Camel mobility drill
Bridge hold, great mobility drill

After this mobility drills, we moved to the workout, starting with Hanging Scapular shrugs, a great exercise before the training which is excellent for loosening and strengthening up the musculature around the upper back. After this, I was ready to start the most hardest session!

Hanging Scapular shrugs
Hanging Scapular shrugs

First exercise was 5 sets of 5 chin-ups with 3 minutes rest in between. The first 3 sets were easy but the fourth and fifty was very hard!

Next exercise was 5 sets of chin-ups 30 seconds hold… this is normally a piece of cake, however this time wasn’t that much as my coach Luigi added weight. He wanted to add only 2,5kg but I wanted to challenge myself more and I asked for more weight, so he add 8 kg. I was surprise with myself because I managed it quite well… only in the 4th and 5th round I couldn’t hold in the bar level, but still able to hold until reach the 30 seconds. I remember back to the first time when I performed this exercise, back couple months ago from this point, I used to struggle so much in the 30 seconds hold and that time I was only 56kg… today I am 60kg plus the 8kg, it is a total of 68kg… which makes me very happy for me being able to see how much progress I had during this training program with coach Luigi at Shaping Change.

Next exercise was skin the cat and German hold using the rings, followed by a free style time just to play around in the rings.

We finalised the session with a killer core workout! It started with Walking gliders, following by High plank hold with extra 16kg… it was a totally burner! My core was on fire and sore for few days!

Walking sliders
High plank with extra 16kg

Full training

Mobility drills



Hanging Scapular shrugs
5×5 Chin-ups
5×30 seconds Holding chin-ups (8kg KB)
Rings practise
Walking Sliders
3 x 1 minute High Plank (16kg)

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