Handstand Challenge Session 31

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Session 31

The aim of today’s session was gymnastics conditioning, building strong support systems working on weaknesses on the building, I felt it was great and effective session as I felt I had to work hard even for the stretch and mobility drills which will help me with the progress.

We started the session with mobility drills, starting with Prone side chest stretch, it is great for opening the shoulder girdle, biceps and trapezius, it helps developing more flexibility in this tight areas.


Starting position in static prone chest stretch
Finishing position in static prone chest stretch

Second drill was Cat back position into hollow body, coach Luigi explained me this drill will help me to create the correct shapes for an amazing handstand. To perform it, you must stay tight in the core and don’t rush through the process, you have the total command of creating these shapes.

Cat back position into hollow body
Hollow body hold

Next drill was Jefferson curl, it is a great strengthening and lengthening movement for the posterior chain, it is great stretch for the hamstrings and spine, it was 5 sets of 5 reps and I hold a 8kg kettlebell to give an extra stretch, followed by Straight arm pulldown to stretch the Latissimus Dorsi.

Jefferson Curl
Straight arm pulldown

We moved to MU transition drills, where we had Russian pushups and Ring transition in a total of 3 rounds with 5 reps in each. The Russian push-ups were tough – it is very difficult so if you a beginner you will probably start with normal push-ups. The Ring transition was a great practise for false grip, which will build up strength for muscle ups.

We finalised the session with core exercises, it was just 12 minutes but very tough, where I did a small circuit of 4 exercises where I did 1 minute work and 30 seconds rest between the exercises. A great advice that Luigi gave me for the Top drill set up, was to place two plates behind ball to keep from rolling, also make sure that you secure bar to rig, slow and controlled. Give a try to this core circuit, you will feel the burn!

Mobility drills

Prone side chest static 5×30
Cat back position into hollow body drill 5×30
Overgrip bent pull 5×30
Jefferson curl 5×5

MU transition drills

Alternate 3 rounds with 5 reps in each
Russian pushups x5
Ring transition x5

MU position & timing using resistance bands


Core Work

12 minutes 1 min on/30 secs off

  1. Sliders on the box
  2. Top drill set up
  3. Knee raise with a stick
  4. Hollow body hold banded pull downs (Y)

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