Handstand Challenge Session 32

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Session 32

Today’s session was great! I had fun in the rings practice, but also suffered a bit in the tough exercises! (haha) The focus was to build up strength specially in my core. You will find the exercises in today’s session really good if you aim to get stronger core and upper body. I left the session very happy because I pushed myself in the session and felt I worked hard – big thanks to coach Luigi, who kept motivating me through the session, making me pushing my boundaries.

We started the session with Shoulder Dislocates mobility drill to open my shoulders, using a stick. This is a great exercise to start the session.

We started the workout with 5 rounds of max chin-ups.. It was so tough! I did 5 reps in the first one, then 4, 3, 3, 2 reps. Then we went to push-ups incline in the box in a total of 5 rounds of max repetitions (so hard!), I did 38 reps in the first set, then 23 in the second, 21 in the third, 23 in the fourth and 11 in the fifth. Luigi really motivated me in this exercise, I was feeling giving up so many times. This exercise is tough one so it is hard, but keep going even with the burns because it worths! Then we went to the third exercise which was also 5 rounds of max for Hollow body hold. To perform it, leave two blocks (as I show in the picture below) because it will help you to not cheat and perform the exercise correctly. The next exercise was also 5 rounds, but this time, the maximum time I could hold Hollow Body position. I got very surprised with the results! I did 1:45 minutes into the first set, then 2 minutes, 1 minutes, 1:30 minutes and last one 59 seconds.

Next exercise was 2 sets of skin the cat (with a 5 second pause at the bottom), followed by rings practicing. It is already a great exercise for core, but it didn’t count in here and the core training was about to start!

There was a circuit for core in a total of 2 sets. We started with plank sliders, followed by inchworm sliders, then squat hollow push and finalising with rings planks. This circuit really worths to give a try! Definitely hard work!

Mobility drills

Shoulders Dislocates with stick


5 rounds (2 minutes rest)
Max chin-ups
Max push-ups
Max hollow body hold

Skin the cat 2 sets


Core Circuit

  1. Plank sliders
  2. Inchworm sliders
  3. Squat hollow push
  4. Rings planks.

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