Handstand Challenge Session 33

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Session 33

Today’s session was focused on strength and conditioning, we added some new mobility drills and core exercises. The main focus was to push the body through a barrage of simple but effective drills to condition the body to cope with stress working at a higher work capacity, forcing the body to go through muscle stimulus which will make the body get stronger for harder skills like chins ups and dips.

We started the session with a new drill today,  also great for opening the shoulders girdle and scapula. There are many ways to perform this exercise and below I am demonstrating one of the ways. Today, coach Luigi presented me the Cars, which stands for Controlled Articulate Rotation, which is a staple of Functional Range Conditioning and a system of improving mobility, which in this case I am improving the mobility of my shoulders and scapula.

The workout was based on strengthening, Luigi had me to do a super set of Ring Rows + Box Dips. This combination is working the primary muscles Latissimus dorsi, biceps and scapula which is great for increasing pulling strength (when performing Ring Rows) and then we worked the triceps (when performing Box Dips). It was a total of 5 sets of 5 repetitions for the Ring rows and 12 repetitions for Box Dips.

Next exercise was focused on core, we had the straight arm side planks, 3 sets of 15 repetitions each side. The workout was very simple, but the intensity was high, left the session feeling tired and that was a great session, could feel the muscles working a lot.

Mobility drills

Cars (Controlled Articulate Rotation)


Super set
5x Ring Rows + Box Dips

Obliques 3×15 each side

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