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Today I want to introduce you a great session to burn fat I went a couple weeks ago at Shaping Change. The session is called Lunch Busters, it is a quick 30 minute intensive and real HIIT (High-intensity interval training) and happens Monday to Friday at lunch time (12:45pm). Shaping Change designs a different session everyday with timing and exercises to maximise fat loss and improve your fitness level. The session has good variety that suits all levels, from beginning to advanced. Come along to try this class for free and burn some fat with Lunch Busters!

Book your FREE session

Get your free session at Shaping Change website and use the code “ShapingChange”. To book your FREE session here is a quick guide:
1. Click Book tab at Shaping Change website.
2. Select the date you want to join Lunch Busters.
3. Finalise your booking.

 The Session

The session has a variety of exercises everyday so you will never get bored. I felt the 30 minute session had much more effect than a one hour hard training and I loved it! Definitely will go more often! The session I did last time was based on 4 minute rounds and here are the exercises.
Round 1
Floor: Mobility Drills for lower and upper body with some core exercises
Cardio: Assault Bike, gradually increasing watts/ power output
Round 2
Floor: Strength Lower Body, Squats with a double dip at the bottom, reverse lunges, lunge and reach and jump squats body weight… OUCH!
Cardio: 20 seconds sprints 10 seconds rest
Round 3
Floor: Strength Upper Body, Standing Military Press, Push Ups, Standing Bent Over Rows, Cycle Crunch
Cardio: Calorie Challenge! Burn as many as you can!
Round 4:
Floor: Bodyweight: Mountain Climbers, High Knees, Squat Thrusts, Burpees.
Cardio: Sprints!
Lay on the floor, focus on breathing and then after 2 minutes stretch!


Shaping Change is located in Central London, near Regent’s Park and the closest station is Great Portland Street (less than 5 minutes walking).

Chris Heron – Shaping Change
St Bedes Hall
(NW1 4EE for Sat Nav)

0203 214 5038

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