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Nocco x Barebells

Few words to describe: I love them! Easy to take with me anywhere, either when training in the gym or in the park, having Nocco before my workout made me feel great and gives that boost for the workout. It is great to increase lean mass and performance, it is sugar free, it has vitamins, BCAA (Branched-chain amino acids) and 3.4g Protein per can. There are many flavours, and now Nocco is keeping the Tropical flavour, which was limited edition because of the great demand. My favourite flavour is Pear 馃檪


The most important meal of the day! Having Nocco with my breakfast made me feel energised throughout the morning, it has vitamins, BCAA, 3.4g Protein, L-Carnitine and 180mg caffeine. 聽Some people drink coffee just because of the caffeine, I would recommend substituting the coffee to Nocco, as it is much healthier and it provides you lots of vitamins and amino acids. 聽I didn’t have coffee for the entire month of October and Nocco gave me great energy.

Here is the Nutritional Values:

路 BCAA 4:1:1 (Leucine, Valine and isoleucine) 2,500 mg
路 L-Carnitine 400mg
路 Caffeine 180mg
路 Vitamin D is 50% RDA
路 Vitamin B6 100% RDA
路 Vitamin B12 50% RDA
路 Biotin 55% RDA
路 Folic Acid 25% RDA
路 Niacin 40% RDA
* RDA: Recommended Daily Allowance


In the middle of the day we start getting hungry after few hours after breakfast or lunch, that is the time when we need to have a health snack, this will make you not overeating later, however, it is important to choose the right snack. I see many people having crisps as snack which is high in calories and low in nutrition. I found Barebells bar an amazing snack that I can have anytime and anywhere, but the best thing is not only its nutritional value, but also how tasty it is! It is a totally guilt free pleasure!

Sometimes we might crave for sweets and snacks and here I present the Barebells Protein bars: the incredible yummy snack with high nutritional values.

Vegetarian Challenge

How did I keep high protein diet meat free?

Last month, as you might see over my Instagram stories, I posted daily the food I was having during my challenge. As Brazilian, I do love BBQ and also keep my protein intake high… Having Barebells Protein Bars in my Vegetarian Challenge was amazing to boost up my macros and also enjoy the little piece-of-heaven protein bars (so yummy!).聽As part of my nutrition, I had Barebells bars every day and it helped to reach my protein intake. It is high in protein, each bar has 20g protein, besides it tastes so so good! It is perfect for those times when you feel craving for sweets but still keep good nutrition.

If I would choose my favourite flavour – which is hard by the way, as I loved all them – I’d pick the Caramel- Cashew! It is extremely tasty and creamy! The Cookies & Cream bar is also delicious – to be fair, it reminded me a chocolate that I used to have in Brazil, however this is the healthy version! Having a chocolate bar is indulgent, but the high level of sugar and high calories every day is not appropriate when we are following a diet or a healthy lifestyle, right?聽So now I can say we can have a guilt free pleasure and eat it daily with Barebells bar. I am so in love with them, staying fit has never been easy. The Coconut-Choco bar is also lovely, especially if you are a coconut lover, you can feel the creamy chocolate taste with coconut flakes melting in your month… so delicious! Definitely recommend for everyone who loves eating tasty sweets without feeling that you are in a “food battle”, having to suffer in a fight of eating pleasant food… and in the end you still keep your abs!


I noticed I felt much more energised when having Nocco as pre workout. I felt it boosted up my energy level, avoid fatigue and I stop feeling tired, especially during my Strength Program, when I was lifting heavier and also during my Vegetarian and Vegan challenge.

聽Have you ever tried Nocco and Barebells? Which one is your favourite?

Photos taken at Regent’s Park: credits for Kaloscopia Koncept聽

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