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Hey perkies!

So today I am posting my first #transformationtuesday and I want to compare myself one year apart. In both pictures my attendance to the gym was at least 5 times a week, both I am 62 kg but I used to go to the gym a lot as a way to burn out all the bad food I had, my nutrition used to be horrible. I used to eat anything I wanted and worse than this, I used to feel guilty but didn’t do a massive effort to change it.

Certain day I said to myself that popular quote ‘enough is enough’ and I decided to change it (as many other times before it)… of course it didn’t happen straight away, I still failed a few times but I didn’t give up. I wanted to get into good nutrition habits and make it a lifestyle. Last year wasn’t an easy year and I normally tend to eat more when there is an emotional distress. The first thing I noticed that started helping me out it was Yoga; on September, I started doing twice a week (no matter what!) it was my moment, the time I connect to myself and it was so crucial for my inner peace! Slowly I started getting into better habits every day.

From January I started seeing a massive difference and I was 56kg. My body changed completely, I started getting lean and feeling happier every day more and more. Then my goal changed… I wanted to get more muscle mass on my legs so in the last 6 months I started eating more, also healthier than before; now I weigh the same at one year ago, however, I am much leaner, stronger and healthier.

But I still need to make a healthier nutrition, lifestyle – I have more than one cheat meal per week, sometimes I eat health only 3-4 days a week then I start a diet again.. and again and again… it doesn’t work like that and never will – in the end it is not about failing on a diet but it is about you getting healthier in your life. The worst thing about eating unhealthy for me is not about failing on a diet, but because normally when I have a cheat meal or party with friends (even if I eat few Doritos for example), most of the times it doesn’t make my body feel great afterwards, I normally get massive cramps and pain in my belly. I am happy to be aware of this because the worst mistake is when you don’t realise there is a problem. Once you admit the problem, you already half way to solve it.

So my challenge for this second semester is to have a better nutrition lifestyle; what matters is the balance. It is also very important to look after your inner side, it doesn’t matter how many problems you have in your life… you can’t let it affect your inner peace. Practising yoga and meditation helps me a lot. I still have a lot to improve, the most important is to carry on and never give up! Make a decision to have a balance and healthier lifestyle in your life is more important than “suffering in a daily basis”, feeling you are in a battle with the scale and diet, make it a lifestyle and decide you are going to do it just for today only, then tomorrow for another day, then another day… you will see a difference! It is not a diet, it is a great way to look after yourself, your health and your body. Do it for yourself, you deserve it! Your world changes when you change! What is your challenge for this semester?


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